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Walk Into Magic with the help of Ceiling, Chandelier & Wall Treatments

Ceiling, Chandelier & Wall TreatmentsWe take light art to the next level!  We use fabric and lights to transform any space into into a dream-venue.

Most people think of décor as just a selection of flowers and furniture – but the most often overlooked part of a room is the ceiling. UFO has years of experience turning ordinary spaces into remarkable experiences through the installation of elegant fabrics and LED lighting systems.  Our ceiling, wall and chandelier treatments can make you and your guests feel like you are truly dancing under the stars or swimming in a coral reef.


    For our custom ceiling treatments we use fabric interwoven with soft glowing LED lighting strips to create the perfect atmosphere for you intimate wedding, gala or other event.  Imagine dancing under the stars – indoors!  Or finding yourself in a flowing environment reminiscent of swimming in the ocean.  Your guest will be amazed by our elegant room decorations.


    Depending on your venue, we can either work with the existing lighting fixtures and drape them in elegant fabrics to create the right mood lighting, or we can create entirely custom fabric and LED light installments, that will fill any space with soft, romantic lighting.


    Whether you are looking for the perfect Miami after-glow-party, or want to create a a pure white wedding theme, our wall and column covers are the perfect way to create that ambiance.  We can drape single elements or entire rooms in fabrics that will create that special feeling you and your guests will never forget!


    Our Head Table and Backdrops create the perfect accent for weddings or ceremonies where you want to accentuate a particular table or part of the room,  From whimsical to modern – we do it all!

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